Boca Grande Family Photo Session at Boca Grande Club

March 24, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Meaghan's family have a busy life in Connecticut and were looking forward to Spring Break in Florida.  They were coming down to spend a week with her parents who were staying at the beautiful Boca Grande Club.  They had never been to Boca Grande before so we talked about different spots around the island for their family photo session but ultimately decided that with two young boys, it would be easier for everyone if we had our session at the Club.

We talked about how to prepare the family for the shoot including ideas for things to wear, bringing snacks, toys and music for the boys, as well as a blanket to sit on.  We scouted locations and knew we found a great spot when we came across the tree swing and banyan tree.  Although I like to have shoots around sunset, with the recent time change and sun setting later, Meaghan knew it would be better to have the session around 5 p.m. before the boys got tired.

We had a gorgeous day for their session.  The family coordinated in different shades of blue and looked fantastic.  I loved Meaghan and Daniel from the first moment I met them and was charmed by their two sons.  Her parents are great and enjoyed being part of the photos.  They did a great job of helping us corral and entertain the boys as we worked on different combinations of family shots.  

In the end we lost track of time because we were having so much fun.  Our one hour session turned into almost two as we moved from the swing to the tree, then gazebo and finally the beach.  The family's personality shined through as they laughed with each other.  The boys played in the sand and ran around the beach (just as kids should).  I took some posed shots and a lot of natural photos of the family just enjoying their time together.  

Now that Spring Break is over and they are back home, Meaghan is already planning her photo session for next year.  I love that I will get to watch and photograph her boys as they continue to grow up and change.  Thank you for a wonderful day.


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