Boca Grande Wedding Celebration with Lexie and Christian

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Destination weddings are more than a one-day celebration and Lexie and Christian's dream wedding on Boca Grande was a full weekend of fun.  They planned every detail of their wedding for a year and it was important to them to have photos and memories of it all.

I had the honor of spending the day before the wedding with them.  Lexie was having her Bridal Luncheon at The Gasparilla Inn Beach Club.  I met her there as they were finishing getting the tables ready.  I captured some lovely photos of her and her mother before all of her bridesmaids started to arrive.  


Boca Grande Gasparilla InnBoca Grande Gasparilla Inn

Boca Grande beachBoca Grande beach

Boca Grande Beach Club (2)Boca Grande Beach Club (2)

Boca Grande Beach ClubBoca Grande Beach Club

Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-2Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-2

Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-3Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-3

Boca Grande bridal luncheonBoca Grande bridal luncheon

Personalized beach towels, butterfly cupcakes, and beautiful flowers set the atmosphere for the day.  As they sipped on fun drinks and ordered lunch, each girl told stories of how they met Lexie and the impact that she has made in their lives.  

A few hours later I was back to meet up with them at their wedding rehearsal.  Lexie and Christian surprised everyone by teaching them a coordinated dance that they planned to perform at the wedding.  It was fun to capture some candid moments of everyone learning the routine.

Boca Grande wedding couple-8Boca Grande wedding couple-8

Boca Grande wedding couple-9Boca Grande wedding couple-9

Then it was off to for a few fun photos.  Lexie knew that their wedding day was going to be busy and there were photos she wanted that she knew they wouldn't have time to capture the next day.  Since they were dressed up (but not in her wedding dress), these photos will hang in their home for years without necessarily being "wedding photos".

Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-4Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-4 Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-5Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-5 Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn banyan streetBoca Grande Gasparilla Inn banyan street Boca Grande couple kissBoca Grande couple kiss

Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn weddingBoca Grande Gasparilla Inn wedding Boca Grande wedding couple-13Boca Grande wedding couple-13

It was also important to them to have family photos taken in front of the Gasparilla Inn.  

Gasparilla Inn family photoGasparilla Inn family photo

Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-8Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-8 Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-9Boca Grande Gasparilla Inn-9

Then it was time to go inside for their rehearsal dinner, toasts and finally back over to the Beach Club to capture their prewedding reception setup.  

Gasparilla InnGasparilla Inn rehearsal dinner toast Gasparilla Innrehearsal dinner toast Gasparilla Inn

To end the night everyone gathered at the Gasparilla Inn Beach Club for the prewedding party.  Bubbles Mobile Bar from Naples provided the drinks and "Cheer", they had live music and games for all the guests to enjoy.

Boca Grande wedding couple-28Boca Grande wedding couple-28

Boca Grande wedding couple-31Boca Grande wedding couple-31

It was a great day and I captured priceless memories for Lexie and Christian.  They knew how busy their wedding day was going to be so having these pictures and memories with their closest family and friends is something they'll treasure forever.  Congratulations!!!!!


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