Palm Island Family Photo Session

December 17, 2021
For the Zintl family, Palm Island is their favorite family vacation getaway. Ann and Will used to own a home on this little island but sold it a few years ago because the...
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Palm Island Resort Wedding with Stephanie and Arnold

November 04, 2021
I met Stephanie and Arnold a year ago when they started planning their wedding on Palm Island. Stephanie and Arnold are high school sweethearts and have spent the last fe...
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Couples Session on Manasota Key with Mindy and Stu

October 14, 2021
Mindy called in June because she was planning a September trip to Manasota Key and wanted some photos with Stu. Mindy was excited about their session because she wanted t...
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Boca Grande Senior and Family Session with Raylee

September 19, 2021
Whitney and her family recently bought a home in Boca Grande and knew it was the right time and place for both a family session and Senior session with their oldest daugh...
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Fashion and Beauty Photo Shoot with Give Me Glam

September 13, 2021
I have to admit I'm always looking at other photographers work. Sometimes it's to learn a style or technique and it's often a source of inspiration for new things to try.
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Gran Paradiso Engagement Session with Cristina and Kurt

August 31, 2021
It's been more than eight years since Cristina and Kurt first met at a restaurant. Now they have a life together with three beautiful children and a new home in Gran Para...
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Epiphany Church and Venice Yacht Club Wedding with Kim and Brian

August 27, 2021
Kim lived in Naples and Brian lived in Tampa, so when they decided to get married, Venice was the perfect place to meet in the middle. Not only were they planning a weddi...
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Stump Pass Beach State Park Engagement Session with Jessi and Daniel

August 09, 2021
Jessi has been coming to Englewood for years with her family. They love the beaches and enjoy boating and fishing. This year her fiance Daniel came as well and it was th...
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Antique Car Collection, A Lifetime Passion Project for Dave

August 02, 2021
Living in Englewood Florida I am used to seeing restored antique cars around town. Not only do these collectors meet every Wednesday morning at Stefano's but they gather...
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Blind Pass Beach Wedding in Englewood with Sara and Chad

July 25, 2021
Sara and Chad dated in high school but went their separate ways after graduation. Years later Sara returned to her hometown and they picked up where they left off. Being...
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Lido Beach Resort Wedding with Jennifer and Brian

July 19, 2021
It's not easy planning a wedding when you live 1300 miles away but they did it! Jennifer and Brian are from Massachusetts but wanted to get married on Lido Key, Florida.
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Blind Pass Beach Anniversary Session with Kristi and Randall

July 13, 2021
Kristi called me in the spring to arrange an anniversary photoshoot with her husband. They have been married for 40 years and haven't had professional pictures taken sinc...
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Boca Grande Wedding with Holly and Andrew

July 08, 2021
Holly and Andrew got married in Illinois but had their honeymoon planned on Boca Grande. They left their five children home while they enjoyed a week at their condo on th...
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Dramatic Maternity Photo Session at Lemon Bay Park with Bonnie

June 24, 2021
When Bonnie reached out to me about a maternity session and her first question was, "You work with lights at night, right?" I knew it was going to be interesting. As a fo...
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Boca Grande Family Photo Session with Tim and Kilee

April 28, 2021
I first met Tim, Kilee and the girls in January of 2020. Although they live in Indiana, Kilee grew up coming to Florida to visit her grandparents. Boca Grande is a full o...
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I love meeting and photographing families and each person has a story to tell.  Unfortunately there's never enough time or space to share everything but here's a little story and a few pictures of the amazing people I get to work with.
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