Inspiration for Everyday Life

Photography has the power to transform your home and creating custom art is the centerpiece of my photography.  Families grow and change, but love always remains.  Don't let precious moments die in the Cloud, let them live forever in your home.

I love when families send me pictures with their art.  If you live out of town, your art will be shipped directly to you.  If you live locally, it can either be shipped to you or sent to me where I will inspect it and offer you the option of coming to hang it for you!

Create art for your home in 6 easy steps

1.  Look around your home for any walls that you MAY want to hang pictures.  You aren't committing to anything, just opening up the possibility that it's a good spot for art.  Common areas include the living room, bedrooms (don't forget the kid's rooms), dining room, office, and family room.  If you have a finished basement, don't forget to look at your walls there as well.

2. Take a picture of the room which includes the wall.  If it's possible to remove any artwork that's currently in the space, please do so.  Then take a 16 inch piece of tape (I like blue painter's tape because it comes off easily but masking tape works as well) and place it on the wall.  Stand back to photograph the entire wall but also include some of the furniture.  My design app uses the 16" piece of tape as a measuring reference and including some of the furniture in the room allows us to feel how the images will look in your space.  Try to stand straight across from the wall if possible, do your best if there's an object in the way or you're photographing a hallway.

Then text or email me photos of all of the rooms that may be an option.  If you do this BEFORE our session, we can preplan your wardrobe choices and location based on what will work with the decor of your home.  Most of my families choose a park or the beach based on the look of the photos they want hanging in their home afterwards.  It may also help us decide if you'd like to have a clothing change during the session to fit the style of your room.  This is customization at its best!

3.  Choose your FAVORITE images.  In your online photo gallery after our session, click on the "heart" in the upper left of your favorite photos.  It will put them into a Favorites folder that I can see on my end.  If you don't want to do that, then at least make a list of the numbers associated with your Favorite photos. Before we talk I can put together some possible art layouts for your wall that we can customize together.  If you express interest in an album, I can create a sample before we meet to save us time during your consultation.

4.  Our consultation.  We can meet in person or talk over the phone to finalize your favorite images, how you want to display them, and whether you prefer prints, canvas or metal.  There is no right or wrong.  Each home and the desires of each family is different, that's why everything is custom to YOU.  A couple of things to consider in advance.  Prints come unframed so you will have to purchase the frame and frame them yourself.  Canvas prints come ready to hang but remember that the outer portion of the image will be wrapped around the side.  If you choose a picture that was photographed tight, part of the body or scene will be wrapped around the outer edge of the  picture.  Metal art comes ready to hang and has the most variety of square and rectangular sizes. 

As I guide you through the best size for your walls, I will often encourage choosing sizes with a 2:3 ratio because that is the native size of the picture.  So sizes like a 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, 24x36, and 30x45 will display the whole image.  Sizes like 11x14, 16x20, 20x24 and 24x30 will be cropped, which isn't a problem unless there's an important element in the photo that we'd lose.

5.  Selecting Albums and gift prints.  After we design the art for your walls, consider if there is anything else you want.  Most families choose an album to include all of the photos that they didn't have room for on the wall.  I love these albums because they will get passed down to the next generation and are always treasured.  Do you want to frame any 5x7's or 8x10's for a bookcase, fireplace or give to family?  I love Standouts and small Metal Art with an easel for these smaller items because you simply display them as soon as they arrive and don't have to worry about finding the right frame. 


6.  Your Art arrives!  Ok, technically you have to pay for it first but I'll invoice you through Square credit card services and after you pay, I place the order.  It generally takes me a day or two to put the finishing touches on the photos you've chosen and place the order at the lab.

You can expect your orders within 7-10 days. One of the many reasons I use the lab I do is their fast turn around time on orders, premiere quality, and well packaged shipping for a low cost.

If it's shipped directly to you, please open it and inspect it to make sure it arrived perfectly.  Then take a picture with it and text it to me so I can celebrate along with you (trust me, it's like Christmas day for me when you get your art).  If you live locally, I can ship it to your home or have it shipped to me and I'll inspect it.  If you are out of town because this is not your full time residence, I'm more than happy to hold onto it until you are back in town.  If you would like me to assist you in hanging your art (locally), just let me know and I'll bring Mike with me to make sure it's perfect.


Transform your home in ways you never thought possible with art that fits perfectly into your decor and lifestyle.  It's more than just photography. It's an investment in your family that you'll always be glad you made.


Wall Collage Inspiration!


What to wear ideas!

People always ask...what should I wear for our photo session.  I put together the following guides to give you visual inspiration and see what other families have done.  I'd like you to consider where you are planning on displaying your art.  If you have a coastal home, often shades of blue, white, and pastels look great.  If you have a home "up north", we may be photographing in a park or with trees and vibrant colors and patterns work well.  

Since every session is customized for your home and decor, choose the clothes that will fit the look and feel of your house and it's totally fine to bring a change of clothes to create different looks.  


If you have a creative idea or want to discuss something extraordinary...I'd love to hear it!  Some of my favorite sessions have come from ideas from my clients!