What To Wear Recommendations

The number one question I get is "What do you recommend we wear for our photoshoot?"  I understand it's a big decision because these photos will hang on your walls and be memorialized in a family album forever.

I'll start by showing you a sample of what other families have chosen to wear.  Think about whether you're going for a casual look or a bit dressier.  I always think the better you dress, the better you feel, and the better you look.


TIP 1:  Obviously the more people in the group, the more difficult it may be to coordinate so I recommend choosing a color theme like "blue and white", "pastels", "fall colors", etc. and have family members choose clothes along that guideline.  Remember to COORDINATE but you don't have to MATCH.

TIP 2: Think about the weather.  Yes it's Florida, but we have changes in the seasons too.  During December, January and February it can get chilly.  You may laugh when you’re up north and I tell you it's “cold” here (and you're sitting in a snow storm) but you'll know exactly what I mean when you're shivering on the beach in the wind.  On the other hand, June through September are hot and humid.  The ocean breeze makes it humid and wet-so quick dry clothes for men are a plus and short dresses and skirts for women look great and make it more comfortable.

TIP 3:  Once you've narrowed down your outfit, put it on and look at yourself from the front, side and back.  I will capture every angle of you at some point during our session so consider if you're happy with how you look from the side and back.  Is it worth it to wear shapewear for an hour to smooth out any lumps? Does your bra strap show?  Does it need to be ironed (I see a lot of men show up in wrinkled shirts and cargo shorts whose pockets never lay flat)?  

TIP 4:  Think about the details.  Jewelry is great but a necklace that we're always worried about making sure is hanging right can become a distraction.  I'm not intentionally focusing on photographing your hands (unless it's a wedding or engagement photo) but old, chipped nail polish is never a good look for photographs.  Shoes-a beach shoot will probably start with some photos on a street or park so bring something photo worthy.  When we get to the beach I always recommend EVERYONE leave their shoes on or EVERYONE take them off (as long as everyone does the same thing it looks intentional).

TIP 5:  The wind is probably going to blow on the beach.  I do the best I can to work with the wind but if you have long hair that is going to constantly blow in your face and ruin your photo, consider an updo or bringing along a headband or hairclip to control it.


I hope this helps and gives you some guidance of what to think about when choosing your outfit for your photo shoot.